January 01, 2017

2016 coming to an end - looking forward to 2017

2016 - an odd year, here is to 2017

Two highlights 2016 for me has certainly been Brittany in May (something I never wrote about here) and California for Google I/O, also in May. 

I love France and I really enjoy going there, enjoy  the food, the people, the atmosphere - and that I went for a friend's birthday, together with a bunch of other friends while I also had time to have "alone time" - that made it even better. 

Google I/O was fantastic too, I learnt a lot and met a lot of inspiring people. I really enjoy California, I only wish that I had had more time to actually see and do more things, meet up with more friends and revisit many of the places I have been to before - I have spent a lot of time in California over the years, mainly because I have many friends there - that's what happens when you hang out with a lot of like minded techies. Coming back to Santa Cruz was fantastic - just next time I need to plan better and have more time (it was a last minute decision to go)

Other than that, this year has been an odd year, and I think and know many agree with me on that - and I am not thinking about the popstars and actors that passed away, no matter how sad. 

It's also been a year of far less travel than I am used to and prefer - although the many great trips to Berlin have been really interesting. I have also spent a lot of time on my own this year - I like being alone, as long as I am not lonely, but 2017 will be the year when I reclaim my social life. It is important to have a mix. 

While it's been a year of  lot of work, trainings, seminars, 

For 2017 I promise myself to travel more, do more of the things I like. Laugh more often, dance more often and not be depending on other people - I can only take responsibility for my own happiness and I am responsible for making sure that I keep on challenging myself, keep on growing as a person. 

Change is good, change is great, as long as you do the change for you and as long as you feel that you take part of the change - and that is my New Year promise to myself. 

I hope more people will do the same. 

December 29, 2016

Happy Holidays

Have a peaceful end of 2016

While 2016 has been a very quiet blog year for me, there has of course been, as always, a lot going on - and that's exactly how I like it, having a lot on my plate is what makes me tick, what makes me happy and what makes me who I am. 

The holiday period is however a time for reflections and peacefulness, at least for me - sure, as always (when I'm not travelling) I spend a lot of time in front of the computer but I also try and get some reading done, try and eat well and try and not have much planned. That I have successfully managed also this Christmas, and for that I am grateful. 

I hope you have had an equally peaceful time, regardless of what holiday you celebrate, or even if you just enjoy time off and the lights. 

And even though it is late, Happy Holidays and enjoy the last few days of 2016.

November 10, 2016

GDG - what an amazing community

More to be proud of

I wrote a post about the proudest moment, as I feel it is important to not give up but to remember the good things that are out there, working towards change, supporting strong people, and especially now, in today's world, supporting minorities, women, and young people wanting to change.

There is more that I am proud of. Another thing I am incredibly proud of is being part of GDG, Google Development Group.

Together with other organisers in the DACH region we organise tech events, and not only that, we get involved in events others set up. Being part of the DroidConDE organisation and what's going on around Droidcon two years in a row, if only at the days if the event - another thing that I am proud of.  I wouldn't even have known about it if it wouldn't have been for GDG.

I am one of the organisers of GDG Düsseldorf, the chapter in Düsseldorf and together with our members we organise tech talks every month - you can find us on Meetup .

November 09, 2016

The proudest moment

Continue to learn and remember to reflect. 

About a week ago I was asked by someone to describe my proudest moment, when it comes to work.

One of the most proud moment is, without any doubt, the teenagers I ran onto in Düsseldorf, teenagers who came up to me, gave me a High Five, and wanted to talk about workshop they had attended. Months after the actual workshop. 

I don't think there is anything as rewarding as feeling that you have managed to reach out, that you have triggered something in someone that made them reflect and to think more about something. I had been working with EgoUpdate, an exhibition, together with the rest of the team at NRW-Forum hosting workshops and tours. The exhibition, EgoUpdate, was about identity, notion of self, and social media, with selfies, youfies and more - and it as in the workshops connected to this exhibition that I met the teenagers who, months later, came up to me and wanted to continue the discussion. If the world was full of engaged, fascinated/fascinating people like this, people open for discussion. 

Noting to do with my IT career, at least not in a direct way. 

And absolutely a moment that made me incredibly proud.  I love working with people, also in my IT roles, that is what is most important - the people. Reaching people - incredible. 

I have been involved in so many different types of projects, business improvement projects, changing ERP systems, site moves, starting/opening new locations, design projects, move to cloud and so forth, and I always had the luxury of working with very strong and productive teams - there is a lot to be proud of there, proud of what we achieved as a team.