November 16, 2012

Welcome to this brand new blog

This is the very first post here on my new blog - AK - The Next Chapter. My name is Ann-Katrin, I am today living in Düsseldorf, Germany. Born and raised in Sweden, moved to Germany a number of years ago, with the company, and now I am about to embark on a new journey, a journey that will take me new places, in many ways. I will write more about that journey but first I want to tell you a little bit about who I am.
Düsseldorf, a fascinating city on the river Rhine (Rhein)
My name is, as already mentioned, Ann-Katrin. I am a travel addicted foodie, I travel the world, and I eat food. Lots of food. Local food. Good food. Not always gourmet food, but always good food, if I can help it. I love to cook, and often cook for many - I grew up in a big family I find it far easier to cook for many than just for a few.

I have spent a few years living in Düsseldorf (see link for info from the city itself), the capital of Nordrhein-Westfahlen - (North Rhein Westphalia, NRW), the most densely populated state in Germany, bordering on Netherlands, close to Belgium, and close to France. Düsseldorf itself is an international city with a really big ex-pat community, and people from all over the world. Cologne (Köln) is a bigger city, but Düsseldorf is the capital. Being a foreigner I can however tell you that both cities are great cities, something that you rarely hear otherwise, there is some old competition and the people that love one is not allowed to like the other. But I am a foreigner so I am not expected to fit in and chose to like both; But they ARE very different, I give the Germans that.

Düsseldorf, Germany
Rhine. Without it, no Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf, the fashion capital of Germany, they say, the Paris of Germany if you like, the city with a big Japanese population, the city with various international kitchens, the city that is so small that it is easy to get around in but yet so big that it is very international, the city where the airport is 15 minutes from the city centre by local train, even faster with Intercity trains, and where intercontinental flights are waiting to take you to places far far away.

Düsseldorf, the city of enormous fairs, of many many hotel nights per year, the city that has a great art scene, but also the city that is so small that I can't walk in town without seeing familiar faces, the city where there I meet people, also in corners where I don't go all that often that recognise me and greet me like a friend, the city where there is always something happening, sometimes so much that you can't take it in but have to go away for a while. A city that is small enough to walk across, but still a city with good public transportation and an abundance of taxis. The city that has my heart. This is my city, this is a city I have gotten to know well, a city that I will be a part of me.

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