May 03, 2013

A first post on getting out of the Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone -
Staying comfortable
As you know, if you are following this blog, I am about to move on, and see something new - namely, moving to Taiwan to study Chinese. A lot of people are amazed and astounded that I am taking this step, leaving a good job behind to start from scratch.

Well, to me it is a lot about the comfort zone,  I really have to get out of it - because if I don't have any challenges, I stop developing as a person.  I have been here too long and gotten too comfortable, and everything, also everything that goes on in my private life, is very easy and very comfortable - I am very comfortable. And it is not in the comfort zone that the magic happens...

The magic happens outside of the Comfort Zone - by

I am going to write more about it later but in the meantime I wanted to post this link, which explains it rather well - to all of you out there; What is your comfort zone, and what do YOU do to step outside it?

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