May 24, 2013

A Journey in Taiwanese food

An journey in Taiwanese food - this and that

I told you one eats well in Taiwan, didn't I? It's crazy good, the food is all made of good ingredients - Taiwan grows just about every fruit and vegetable you can think of and the Taiwanese like to cook what's in season.
Follow me on a little journey in Taiwanese food. Most of the food here is from simple restaurants where the food and not the interior design is what counts. Many of these places I wouldn't have been able to find if it wasn't for the family of my friend who lives in Düsseldorf - I will forever owe them for introducing me to Taiwan.
From the very first meal I had in Taiwan, after a long flight that I mainly slept through - rice, tofu (smoked?), sprouts and salad - a meal I had just to survive until the planned dinner in the evening, to the buffet we had with the family the last day of my visit.  Taiwan is indeed a food heaven.
Street food in Taiwan - rice, tofu, sprouts

More tofu, different kind

Fish at the local fish market - one of the things I miss the most living in Germany

Lunch buffet from the market, brought back home.

Corn chicken and normal chicken, cooked to perfection

Congee - Chinese rice soup which is also common for breakfast. Comes with many flavours.

Breakfast buffet Asian style from our spa hotel

Beautiful birthday cake

Beef noodles a la restaurant in the train station

Other beef noodles from the same place.

Ginger fish - so good I'd die for it!

Yet more beef noodles, here from the family's favourite place

Tainan crabs

Tainan oysters - the speciality from the south

Sautéed vegetables. Lots of sautéed vegetables

The last supper... Delicious home cooked Taiwanese food

Did I not tell you that the Taiwanese really know their food? They have a lot of respect for and appreciate good food and great ingredients. And I respect and love the people and the country for it. I am longing to eat my way through Taiwan - such a small island and such a variation!  The fantastic Taiwanese food is influenced by it's neighbours and by people migrating in the area - I dare to say that it is rather unique. I am longing to be proven right or wrong. In August I will start my new and exciting challenge - speak Chinese, surf, and eat my way around the island.

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