May 29, 2013

Food in Champagne

Without a proper kitchen in Champagne

Scallops in France -
Scallops. Had hoped to cook these for starters
To my utter disappointment it turned out that the kitchen we had in our flat(s) in Reims, France (see link for previous post), weren't really suitable for cooking for eight people, so once again I missed out on the whole cooking experience in France (see the post about Champagne before I went on the trip). In Paris in December I missed the opening hours, this time it was the kitchen and not the least the seating area that was too small for a proper sit-down dinner. It didn't stop me from roaming the markets though, but I had to hold back on the actual shopping. 

One of the things I miss the most in Düsseldorf, Germany, is fresh seafood. Being from Gothenburg (Göteborg) on the west coast of Sweden I am spoilt with good seafood, but it's difficult to come by - or at least expensive - in Düsseldorf. France is full of it though, a I had hoped to make scallops as one of the starters. Now I had to settle with just photographing them. Not bad either. but never the less... Notice by the way how French scallops look different to what you often find elsewhere? The French keep the roe - we Swedes as well as the Germans have a lot to learn!

Close-up of a table with wine glasses, and various snacks - sausages and salami in the middleWe had a little picnic though, so some shopping we could do - cheese, salamis, radishes, strawberries, pears, nuts - someone even brought some from Germany - and, of course, champagne to go with that. French cheese, or cheese in general is a passion of mine - the more flavour and the stronger the smell the better, and where do you have a better selection than in France?

The whole trip was never the less very focused on good food: From gorgeous goose liver (fois gras - yes, I know, better avoided for the sake of the geese but it's something I can't resist at least once in a while), to beef tartar (amazing when done well, with good quality beef), from vegetarian choices to rabbit, from veal to fish, from chocolate tarts (three types of chocolate in one cake!) to berry tarts and sorbets, and wonderful "Cafe Gourmand" - that wonderful dessert that really is several small "tasting portions" of different dessert, plus a coffee - a good way to get both coffee and dessert at the same time, the way we Swedes like it.

And during the whole trip, of course various very nice champagnes, both from the tours we took, from tastings at the champagne houses, and from nice champagne bars we visited.

I am coming back to Champagne! Who wants to explore it me? 

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