May 08, 2013

More about me and travel

On the Road

I have mentioned it before, but I am an avid traveller. Travel and food are the two addictions that I cannot live without.

Footsteps in sand
I have always taken notes when I have been travelling, and I have always observed what is going on around me. I started to travel on my own, without grownups, very early on, and that has helped form and shape me.

The travel has indeed become an addiction, without travelling I start feeling down, uninspired, and restless - I have the need to be on the road. It has nothing to do with fancy trips or luxurious hotels, or sunbathing, instead it is about inspiration and about meeting people, about challenging myself, seeing that I dare, trying to get new angles, new experiences, seeing new things. 

Travelling is what makes me tick.

Travelling is also what makes my blood move in my veins, it is through travelling I live, and I am realising more and more that I need to make sure that the travelling is and continues to be an integrated part of what I am and what I do, WHO I am.

Close up of grassI don't travel with a set agenda and a list of things to tick of, a lot of "musts", I travel with a few things that may be interesting and then I decide what to do and what to see once I get there - depending on my mood, what I feel like, which people I meet, what recommendations I get from the locals. When travelling I want to be open to new impressions, and for me, personally, that means I have to have enough free time to jump on opportunities. At the same time, I can't travel to a location without having a clue, because when I do THAT, I end up not getting anything done, I am too busy reading up on the place.

I really need to have a mix between knowing enough about the location to be free to wander off on new adventures. I sometimes says that I will one day walk myself into trouble, and perhaps that is true, but in the meantime I have had a chance to meet so many fascinating people and experience so much, that it will be worth it. The way I reason is we only have one life, and I would rather enjoy it, and live it to the fullest, than go around being scared or saving things "for another time". No one knows if we will reach "another time".

And somehow it feels like I have always wanted to and needed to travel. I don't know how it started. It may have been growing up with family spread out over Sweden, it may have been being in a small village the first years of my life, where you simply had to travel to see something, it may have been that first trip I did outside Sweden, without any grown-ups, that gave me taste for it. It's even possible that it was putting up the tent in the back-yard and staying there over night that taught me to be excited about not being home. Creating a home away from home and feeling comfortable away from my official address was something I did early on. Travelling is not something I do "until I settle down", as some people expressed it. Travelling is what I do. And my urge to travel is just getting stronger, not fading away. I feel it every time I have to return, and it is not because I don't like my home, but I love being on the road.

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