June 22, 2013

An announcement regarding Taiwan

I have a little announcement to make... 

Yes, I am going to Taiwan, no change there. And just as planned it is only me going.  I will go later this summer. 

However there is a small change... After my visit to Taiwan in January I decided that I was going to be in Taipei at least to start with, so I would have the safety of the international network - and additionally to that Taipei is very well organised and structured with a well functioning metro and so forth.

Well, that part of the plan has changed. I have decided, after having gone back and forth, to go to a school in another city. It is still a big city but I need to be somewhere where there is a little bit less distraction and not quite so many interesting things to get involved in - because I am very good at getting involved in various interesting things. 

In Taiwan the distances are relatively short so even if I live in another town, Taipei is easy accessible and I can easily visit and even move there if I feel too isolated, but I really need to push myself out of the comfort zone and challenge myself - and in Taipei I have the feeling I'd quickly get into the international community too quickly - that is what I tend to do wherever I go... 

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