June 12, 2013

And the sun is shining - a trip to Gothenburg

Ann-Katrin eating a huge cinnamon bun, bun bigger than my face
Cinnamon roll at in the Haga district
As a part of the preparations for the move I have had to go through my documents and ensure that they are up to date - to apply for a Taiwanese visa, or even to travel to Taiwan and much of Asia, I have to have a passport that is valid for more than six months. Mine wasn't - it expires later this year. I therefore decided to combine getting a passport with seeing friends and family in Sweden. 

I booked my tickets earlier this year and on Wednesday I arrived in Gothenburg. It's been a pleasure; It is as stressful as always in one way; A hectic schedule, a lot of people I want to see and I am seeing and a lot that I want to see but can't - it simply isn't possible as everybody lives busy lives. But this time I have a little bit more time than I normally have, I have 10 days, which means I have a the possibility to meet up with a few more and see a bit more than normal. 

Covered so far...

Picnic/BBQ in Alingsås, a beautiful little town close to Gothenburg,  celebrating the Swedish National Day June 6 with the family - almost all my siblings and their partners, as well as the parents.
Coffee and the biggest cinnamon rolls in town in at Cafe Flygarens Haga in Haga Old Town (Haga, a special city district in central Gothenburg). I had to ask for a bag and I swear, that cinnamon roll lasted for three days! Or, if you bring the family, you can share a cinnamon roll... 

A walk down to "Röda Sten" and coffee and a good book at "Röda Sten Konsthall (Röda Sten art hall) with my brother. Yes, after the coffee we headed out to the pier and sat there, reading, for a while.
Boat harbor, pier with small boats, sea
Gothenburg (Öckerö) archipelago

Reading some books in Swedish.

A visit to the Gothenburg archipelago. I love the archipelargo in general and of course the Gothenburg one is even more special - this is after all where I grew up. It was a bit odd when we arrived and asked for the lunch specials and the only lunch left was Bratwurst and mashed potatoes. Considering that I still live in Germany that wasn't very interesting but a last portion of fish was found. Good.

Industrial harbour, river with cranes, blue sky
View over the harbour - Gothenburg

Drinks with a friend watching the sun set over the Gothenburg harbour - see picture. 

Eating Swedish cheese. Lots of Swedish cheese. We make excellent matured cheese but we are a bit clever about it, we don't share it (export it) a lot.

Quality time with my niece. Skype is great but it is hard to beat being there in person, especially as she isn't even 2.5. What did people do before Skype though?

Ice cream and coffee looking out over the water.

And there is more to come. Sleep has to wait until I am done here though... No matter how hard I try I never manage to cover everything and everybody but at least I am making a serious effort!

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