June 01, 2013

June 1 - I am no longer an employee

From today, June 1, I am no longer an employee. Instead I am a student. I am taking my first step towards a new life and eventually a new career, but never again will I let work become more important than life - work has to be life. It has been an interesting and fun road so far - both work and career - but it is definitely time for something new. My decision  2012, to move on and find new areas to grow in was the right decision. Never again do I want a job that mainly means sitting down, in the future I want to make my passion my life, and I need to do what I do best; Not sitting still.

Now it is time to spread my wings, take off, and see where my dreams will take me...

I am excited, thrilled, and a little bit scared. And I hope you will follow me on this new adventure - from travelling Europe, to the planned move to Asia - and then, well, who knows what will happen after that...

And to ensure that I really do what I say I do: When this is being published I am actually already on the road - I am in Prague, Czech republic, with friends.  The adventure has started!

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