June 15, 2013

My main reasons to spend that extra time in Gothenburg

Yes, I went up to Sweden because I needed to get a new passport, and yes, it is great to see everybody that I managed to see, but forgive me, the main reasons to spend some extra days in the Gothenburg (Göteborg) area are these: My niece Elin, just over two, pictured below -  and Sander and Aima, the two children of my good friends -  funny, charming, full of ideas, tips and tricks, of course very clever - aren't all children that we are close to - and forcing me to rediscover things I had forgotten. Plus I can be just as silly as I want with them... Not bad!

We had a long session playing with the sock-monster Axel, to the right, created by Sander. Axel has, as you can see, a moustache that is a little bit too long and makes it difficult for him to eat.  Maybe puppets should be my new call, can you see me in a career as a puppeteer?

With the children (and especially with my niece) it isn't just about maintaining but about building a relationship - thankfully there is Skype and many other ways to do so, because how else could you do it with children as young as my niece?
It may be that the rest of the family is quite happy that I am only around now and then though, because I have the feeling that they could grow pretty tired of  all the songs otherwise... It seems my head is a radio full of children's songs. Except this one radio doesn't really have an off-button... 

As for me, as fantastic as it has been to see the whole family and my niece, I AM a bit happy that tomorrow morning it won't be me changing the diapers, because that is the one part I am not thrilled about. I do miss the breakfast company and the singing already though... Itsy Bitsy Spider is just NOT the same on my own...

(Sorry mum, sorry everybody else, I love you too and it's great to catch up, if nothing else my hectic schedule trying to fit as many of you as possible in should prove that, but the kids; Yes, they do get extra attention)

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