June 21, 2013

The preparation - slower than planned, but it's going

Preparing that move

First there was work, then there was renewal of pass and other paperwork And then there was of course visiting the family, seeing my aunt and my cousins I hadn't had a chance to see in years (last time I tried I got snowed in...). And then some other travel that I wanted to do, plus the last chance to travel with some of my friends. 

Now there are are no excuses anymore. I need to prepare the last steps of the move - here, as well as in Taiwan. I am really on the way, even though I haven't really understood it, emotinally, yet. It is not all that easy to pack up and say goodbye, nor to get rid of all the things I need to get rid of as well as determine what needs to come with me. 

I don't like detailed planning, except for the things where it is really necessary, I prefer to be able to be spontaneous. I can't be completely spontaneous when it comes to this but I will make sure I allow some flexibility, and perhaps I am allowing a little bit too much of it right now, as I don't have all the details sorted. I have practically left Düsseldorf already, I will just come and go a few times during the summer, most of the time I will be on the road - France, UK and hopefully Poland await - and maybe somewhere more... 

Soon enough you will start seeing posts about Taiwan and my upcoming adventures here on the blog. But for a while longer there will be other things that are in focus. Bear with me! 

And have a good summer! 

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