July 30, 2013

After Berlin, Poland was next

Me in Warsaw
After visiting friends and eating well in Berlin, I took the train to Poland. Warsaw (Warschau, Warsaw) as well as Cracau (Krakow) had been on my list for a long time, and suitable enough good friends moved there recently - so I could both visit the city and see my friends. 

I also wanted to sort out my last details for the visa to Taiwan while visiting Poland, something that in the end didn't work out for various reasons (the embassy in Warsaw only deals with people registered in Poland) but that was more from convenience than anything else. 

I very much enjoyed Poland. It is amazing to see how a city like Warsaw, which was more or less wiped out during the war, have been able to regain its former strength and beauty, like the bird of Phoenix in the Greek mythology, the bird who would come back to life again and again and again, as beautiful as before, after having burnt itself. 

I am very glad I went but I have to come back many times, because there is so much to discover, and I want to do it slowly, bit by bit, allowing myself some time to take it in as well. Poland, in the middle of Europe, have so much history and so much to offer; Not just the stories about the time during World War I and World War II and the time in between as well as the time after, with the communist rulership and being inside the iron curtain during the cold war, but long before that. There is a lot to see and discover in Poland; Not the least the beautiful Baltic area, where the coal miners and their children would come to regain strength. But I will have to return to that!  

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