July 24, 2013

Everybody goes surfing

One of the most unexpected sights in Munich (M√ľnchen), Germany is the surfers that regardless of the weather and the temperature are frequently seen walking through the town, dressed in wet suites or at least carrying one, with a surf board over the shoulder or under the arm. Munich is landlocked, and the boards are not for windsurfing, they are normal surf boards. Not the big type a beginner surfer like myself would be using, but the smaller ones that only the people who know how to surf would carry. How can this be, what are the surfers doing in town? Well, there is an explanation for it: The English Garden - Englisher Garten (follow the link to get to the official website)...

Where the river builds up a wave, the surfer goes to surf. An amazing sight! It's not for beginner surfers, you need to know what you are doing, but it is fascinating to watch. And if you are a good surfer, maybe you want to try yourself? Throw your board onto the water, jump after, and see how long you will be able to stand up?

I could not do it, and I would strongly advice you talk to the locals to get an understanding of how it works and if you need to contact someone special before you get your feet wet - I imagine you may want to get a safety instructions before as well.

Watching anyone can do though, so when in Munich, head down to Prinzregentenstrasse (see map)  and check out Eisbachwelle (Eisbach wave). It is something you have  to see to believe...  

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