July 04, 2013

What's cooking in Paris - Place d'Aligre is my food heaven

I have returned to my food heaven. France. It's a country I have come to love and I love it more and more every time I come here. Is there any other country that does cheese and meat with the local wines as well as France? Taiwan are definitely as passionate about their food but the Taiwanese kitchen is different from the French.

I am here to travel. And to eat... Right now I am in Paris. And I love the French capital; It may be overpriced and full of tourists, and the Parisians speak so fast that it takes me a few seconds extra to understand what they just said in French (which can be intimidating) but it is also very diversified and has a lot to offer; If only you know where to go and what to do. 

This time I have access to a kitchen - and I am taking every opportunity to use it. We have been eating carrot- and ginger soup, we have been having lemon chicken casserole, mushroom- and goat cheese risotto, ratatoille a la Ann-Katrin (a secret ingredience being the carrots boiled in juice from citrus fruits). I have been roaming the food markets, especially my favourite on and around Place d'Aligre, where the one of the oldest food markets in Paris is located - walking distance from Gare de Lyon. The smell, the sounds, all the people around - it is making me happy. The fruits and vegetables are bursting with flavours and everything is very juicy, and very fresh. I will never buy fruits and vegetables in a supermarket again, if I can avoid it - not the least considering the prices are much better here than in the supermarket. 

And not only that. Shopping in the open market is excellent for language training. The vendors may not be born in France in all cases, but they do know how to discuss! And if you don't understand the language, they will show you. Don't tell me that Parisians aren't flexible and aren't trying!

So come and discover my passion - the French food markets! 

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