July 26, 2013

There Are Wonderful Markets in Berlin As Well - Boxhagener Platz

Boxhagener Platz in Berlin - A Great Way To Spend a Saturday Morning

If you leave Boxhagener Platz hungry, it's your fault
There are wonderful markets in Berlin as well. Visiting again in Juiy 2013 - just a week ago - I decided to discover the outdoor food market on Boxhagener Platz, in the eastern part of Berlin, not very far from Berlin Ostkreuz. The square is fairly small, and it's not directly on Boxhagener Strasse, as one would expect, but very close. I first arrived in Wizmar Platz, mistook that for the market square, and was disappointed that the market was already over. I was wrong. And luckily I realised I was - with the help of the map at the bus stop (a good travel tip, by the way, bus stops often have a map over the area around where you are - no expensive roaming needed to get to those maps). 

Boxhagener Platz - see link for map - hosts a small market on Saturdays - but who says size matters? It doesn't! The atmosphere on the Saturday market is great, and so is the selection - be amazed by the smoked fish, sample the cheese, check out all kinds of fruits and vegetables, have a coffee, chat with the vendors. Tried wonderful raw food biscuits, and especially the raw food fascinated me, it is something I could do myself when I come to Taiwan - not all student accomondations have kitchens. 

Shopping for vegetables
It fascinates me how different Berlin is to Düsseldorf, the city I spent years in. Düsseldorf has nothing like the outdoor market on Boxhagener Platz. In the same way the food market I visited in Munich (München), Viktualienmarkt, has it's own identity, so does the Fischmarkt in Hamburg, and so do many others. 

It seems every important city, every key place, has its own style of markets, and it's own types of food. I adore it.

And never can I get enough of food markets! The more I travel, the more I learn, the smaller the chance (or the risk) that you'll find me in a supermarket...

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