July 01, 2013

To say goodbye


To say goodbye is the hardest thing I know. I don't handle goodbyes very well - and it doesn't matter if it is me leaving or someone else.

I am not leaving, I am merely changing locations.  For now. 

Leaving do:s; Well, I don't have the guts to organise my own.  I am happy and excited and thrilled to go to Taiwan. I am 120% certain about my decision. And yet I know that leaving Düsseldorf will be one of the hardest things I have done. So I avoid thinking about it. 

However, even though I haven't officially left Düsseldorf, Germany yet, in reality I have. I am spending the summer travelling around Europe, getting inspiration, while I am also studying. Yet I haven't really told my friends that I have left. Not for real. Because as long as I still haven't packed up the last things I will still make some stop-overs to fetch things and to organise the last bits. 

But at some point they will notice. Until then I will keep on not being very clear on my official leaving date (and to be fair, I don't have my tickets booked yet, I will have to take care of that very soon though). And until then, I will continue to travel Europe. This ship has already sailed - there is an ocean out there and I am here to explore it.

Written from a cafe in Paris... 

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