July 20, 2013

Viktualienmarkt - The Number One Food Market in Munich?

Hello Munich - Viktualienmarkt has everything

Viktualienmarkt,  in the centre of Munich (München), very close to Marienplatz, what a place!  This may well be the food heaven of the city or even of Southern Germany, at least when it comes to accessibility and selection. Prices is a different story, just like with Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf Viktualienmarkt is on a tourist spot and as such you pay - but it is still worth it, coming here now and then; Sample some cold pressed olive oils, try some jams, smell the strawberries, be offered cherries by a smiling salesman and not be able to resist - the cherries that is, no the salesman.  

Spices, fruits and nuts everywhere
Feel the wonderful smell of the freshly squeezed watermelon juice that is in season right now, watch and observe the butcher and the German cuts of meat which are so different from the french cut or the Swedish, be amazed by how many different types of cheese there are, and notice the local specialities, as well as the similarities with other parts of Germany; The salted gherkins and the sauerkraut is here too,  as is  the mustard, but the mustard is different and the sauerkraut is made to match the local taste.

This is travelling at its best, when I also have access to a kitchen and can buy and prepare many goodies - and in Munich I was lucky enough to do. 

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