August 23, 2013

Natural food

Now THIS is natural food - peppers straight from the farm
What is natural food? Lately I have gotten myself into several discussions about natural food - food is something I am very passionate about so it happens quite easily.  One of the things that I am the most sensitive about is yogurt. It does make me slightly upset when the producers of yogurt as well as many consumers talk about all natural products, especially when it comes to yogurt, and then it turns out that the yogurt is fat free.

In my world natural food is food without unnecessary additives. When you remove fat from dairy you remove the vitamins which then have to be added again later, artificially. Seems rather unnatural to me. Also, if you remove the fat you have to add some other stabiliser. Most of the time it is sugar or some artificial sweetener - read more on this food related website. I know that stabilisers are sometimes necessary, to keep the consistency of the food, but I do question that we remove something that already works as a stabiliser (fat) and replace it with something else. 

Personally I don't get it - and I also feel that the yogurt that has the natural fat still in it is tastier and fills me up better - which in turn makes me eat less junk. I'd rather skip yogurt than eat the low fat. Besides yogurt where no fat was removed is about 96.5% fat free already; Natural milk contains around 3-3.5% fat, which makes it pretty low fat as it is... 

What do you think? Am I silly when I get a bit upset and frustrated when yogurt with 0% fat is advertised as "natural"?

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