September 05, 2013

刨冰- Bao Bing (if I'm getting my Chinese right, that is)

Cool down with a great dessert

This may not look much for the world - but it may be one of the best food inventions in Asia.  I don't know if it was Taiwan that came up with originally, but this is the only place where I have eaten it, for for me it is a Taiwanese treat. Bao bing (if I get my Chinese right - there could be another name for it as well) - 刨冰 -  is shaved ice. As close to heaven you can get on a warm and sweaty day (the humidity here is high so don't try and compare 30 degrees c in Europe with 30 degrees c in South East Asia.)

Basically it's crushed ice with various toppings. Sweet toppings. It's like ice cream only better on a hot day. Had it the first time in Taipei in December and now found a local place serving it, and what can I say? It's the perfect way to cool down on a hot day so I will definitely be having more of this. 

Try the red beans on top! It may not sound fancy, but red beans have a nice sweet flavour and work well in desserts. On mine I had five different toppings and a sauce, don't be afraid to point and try different combinations. If it wasn't tasty it wouldn't be there - the Taiwanese are picky about their food and only want good quality.

Did I mention I am in Food Heaven?

Update November 2013: There ARE two names, "bao bing" being one of them - but the correct characters are 刨冰 - thanks Anonymous who corrected me. This update came at the right time, the day after I posted an article on the different sounds in mandarin and the importance of learning the characters, as each sound has many meanings... 


Anonymous said... shud be "刨冰" instead of "抱病".

"抱病" means you're sick/not well and you do something with your sickness. :)

TravellingAK said...

謝謝! When I wrote the post I hadn't studied as many characters as I have now so I trusted what I was on the sign - updating now :-)