September 06, 2013

雞排 -Ji Pan fan (chicken rice bowl? Or, to be correct. Fried Chicken over rice in a bowl)

Chicken Rice Bowl

Ji pan fan. Something like that, that's how they told me you say it in Chinese. Ji Pan Fan - the special fried chicken over rice, served in a bowl, the way I had it today, from a place just around the corner from where I live right now.

It's beautiful, especially with the cabbage and green beans that comes with it. I don't know how the Taiwanese do it, preparing veggies in a way that is perfect: Not overcooked, not raw, but just perfect and still with a bit of crunch - and the chicken breasts are perfect too, none of the dry and boring ones you sometimes find in Europe. I know there will be certain European style food (Hello cheese!) I'll begin to miss eventually but at the moment I am embracing being in Asia and trying to learn the names and exploring the different flavours and the different places that cook them. I adore Taiwanese food!

Many of the little places along the roads only have one type of food - on the other hand, what they do they do really well. Look and see where the locals go; If the locals go it is going to be good. 

You can get food here 24/7, there is always somewhere open, but some places are open in the morning, others at night. Yet some are open all day AND night, and because it is so cheap you don't need to cook if you don't want to. Personally I cook because I like it, but there is a certain charm with having food so ready available, and good food too! 

Join me on my food adventure in Taiwan - because this IS going to be an adventure! 

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