November 10, 2013

Sometimes I wonder if Taiwan isn't most beautiful in the early morning

Early mornings in Taiwan

Trying the massage stones in the park
Sometimes I wonder if Taiwan isn't the most beautiful in the morning, at it is not because the light is golden and gives a special shimmer to everything, and shows so well how beautiful the island is with all the lush green that comes with the tropical climate,  or that the birds are waking up and greeting the day with their singing, although it contributes to the magic. It's also not the sound of the watering system starting outside my window, or the wind in the trees. 

It is rather the whole atmosphere, the serenity of it all, how peaceful and calm it is, and how the parks are full of old people out for their morning exercise, practising Tai Chi or Chi Gong, or even just being out dancing slowly, or making use of the playground tools to stretch and strengthening the body. Every little park and green spot is full of elderly people being out early in the morning.

There is something about it, and I love the atmosphere, I love getting up early in the morning and going out for my morning run. I don't run in the park, it feels like it would ruin the atmosphere, and I love to run on the streets where I can see the city waking up, but ending or beginning the run in the park is wonderful, and on the days I don't run I love to get up and go for a walk; Listening to the sounds of the city waking up, being part of the first peaceful moments of the day before the rest of the day begins. 

If you are in Taiwan, don't miss out on this, set the alarm if needed but do go out and enjoy the morning, even if you just go to the park to see it, to wander around for a bit. Breakfast you can eat later...   

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