November 20, 2013

You'll find me down by the water

Gone surfing

I love the sea; There is something special with smell of salt water, the sound of the wind, and the incredible power that the sea possesses, something scary about it, not knowing what's in there, under the surface, and yet there is something amazingly comforting about it. 

I love the way the sea cannot be tamed, and yet we are able to make use of it. I love how the sea allows us to travel places, reaches around the globe and and yet forms natural borders. 

No, look on the water. That's where I may be...

Being close to the sea makes me happy, and yet I am not a beach person, you won't find me sunbathing on a beach, nor is it very likely you'll find me in the water, at least not in a bikini in the middle of the day: Although in the evening I may go swimming.

Now that I am in Taiwan, my goal is, part from learning Chinese, to practise surfing and get relatively good at it, and the same goes for windsurfing. It has proven to be a bit of a challenge though, not because there aren't waves but rather, every time I planned to go to the sea for surfing, there was something that prevented me from surfing, most of the time a cyclone (typhoon) coming in; I moved here in the middle of typhoon season and it shows.

My first surf trip offered far less surfing than I had wanted to, again due to the weather - some really strong winds that made it difficult to even walk on the beach - but I adored the sea, loved being down by the water.
It was me, the sand, the ocean and the wind in my ears and on my face; Even if I couldn't surf as much as I wanted to I could be still be inspired, and I came back with a head full of good ideas. 

This time I went to Zhunan (also spelled Chunan) - 竹南, which is easy to reach from Taichung City, just take the train from Taichung Train Station, past Miaoli and to Zhunan/Chunan.  I stayed at The Spot, see link, the Spot is simple but very nice surf club and hostel. 

I'll come back - when there isn't a typhoon. This time of year a wetsuit is definitely recommended even if the water isn't that cold - the air is.

If you do ever get a chance to come to Taiwan to try out surfing, do. Do expect that it requires some effort finding good information; But trust me, it is worth it. Also don't listen to the locals that say you can't surf in Taiwan, you can, it is just that the Taiwanese don't have a tradition of surfing, or doing any water sports, really, and that is part of the charm, the beaches are not crowded, and you don't have to worry much about someone being in your way.

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