January 08, 2014

A very simple snack - Sweetpotatoes - di gua - 地瓜

A very simple snack - and there is no processing involved

What you see here is one of my favourite snacks. 

And there is no processed food involved, there are no artificial ingredients. No food colouring, no artificial sweeteners, no light products.

And because of that it may be one of the most healthy snacks there is out there... 

Di gua - sweet potato. An excellent in-between meals snack.
It is the one thing that Taiwan was not named for but at least is nicknamed after. The sweet potato. The island is shaped as a sweet potato, sweet potatoes, di gua - 地瓜 - is grown across the country and is a relatively common staple. 

The sweet potato. So much you can do with it, but in Taiwan one of the more common ways it is done is roasted, or grilled. I got from a lady who had a little "oven" set up next to one of the bus stops on Taichung Port Road here in Taiwan, but you can normally find roasted sweet potato in just about any convenient store, be it Seven 11 or Family Mart or something else.
Taiwan has many simple snacks that are both relatively healthy and filling:  Sweep potatoes in different forms and shapes and tea eggs (eggs boiled in tea and spices) are probably my favourites; Quick, easy, tasty and available on every corner. 

And yet there are so many people that turn to processed food for a quick snack? It's a mystery I will never understand. I wish people would take advantage of being here, in a country where food means so much to the people, and where more or less everything grows. Even just the fruits and vegetables are to die for - just make sure you eat what is in season (link to previous post)

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