January 14, 2014

Peach of Immortality - Canistel, Pouteria campechiana.

Peach of Immortality, XianTao - or DanGuangGuo for those who prefer that name... 

仙桃 (XianTao), where 仙 - xian, fourth tone - means immortal according to my dictionary, and 桃 - tao, second tone - means peach. 

Peach of immortality.

This is the fruit I had found in the market the other day and asked about here on the blog (follow link to see the previous post).. Another name for it is 蛋黃果 - DanHuangGuo. 蛋 - dan - is the word for egg, and 黃 - huang - is yellow. Guo means fruit (you will see this word it with other fruits as well). Eggfruit is also another name this fruit is known under when you Google it. And the colour of the fruit meat is really yellow like yolk.

Peach of immortality - XianTao (Canistel)
Pouteria campechiana, canistel. Native of South America - follow the link to learn more (this one to Purdue University in US but there are plenty of others out there).

If it wouldn't have been for a great reader I wouldn't have known, but now I do, and now that I know I had to do some more experimenting. This time I let my XianTao ripen a bit more - and if the name - Peach of Immortality - has anything to do with what it really does, I may just have added a few years to my life. I created a dessert yesterday and got a fantastic result - recipe to follow. I will have to make this again!

Thank you very much Hsun-Yu Chan! I am so happy you found your way here, if I remember correctly it was through the journalist Klaus Bardenhagen, who is working from Taipei, Taiwan (follow link to get to his English blogposts) you got here. 

Taiwan keeps fascinating me, not the least the selection of fruits and vegetables - also vegetables and fruits that aren't native to Taiwan tend to grow very well here, if you just pick the right season and the right place for growing them, and I feel very spoilt having the possibility to experience this; I have always known how to cook and I have always been curious about learning new things but coming to Taiwan I have had a chance to try out so many things I could not do before. The only worry is that my taste buds have gotten so use to the flavours here that it will be very challenging to cook elsewhere in the world, or even try and find a selection this great anywhere...  

It is especially fascinating with the XianTao though, the Canistel. This is not a big selling fruit commercially, difficult to transport is what I read and still, in Taiwan it is grown. I would have loved to find out more about how the XianTao got introduced to Taiwan, but I will need to leave that for now. It  is always interesting to have a few things on the "to be researched" list though! 


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Thanks for the heads-up, will look into it. I am only running Safari and Firefox myself at the moment, so haven't tested in Explorer in a while. Always good to get feedback - thanks!