April 24, 2014

Green and green and green and green again

The many tones of green

There is something breathtakingly beautiful about spring in the northern hemisphere, something someone who never were can't fully grasp. When the nights are getting shorter and the days are getting longer, when the evenings seems to last forever and ever.

When you the first time can feel that yes, the sun, it is not just up there, being big and yellow, it actually warms your face, if ever so little.

There is something about when the soil, black and without visible life, is starting to sport little straws of grass, straws you can't even see to start with, but straws that bit by bit, little by little, win over the winter.

Something about the smell when the rain hits the asphalt on the first day when the asphalt actually has been warmed up enough to be warmer than the rain that hits it.

But most of all the nuances of green fascinates me. How is it even possible that what in the late summer seems almost like one type of green, summer green, can have a thousand different versions in the spring and early summer?

There is something incredibly special about when some trees have just started to go green, the birches have leaves as small as mouse ears, others are in full bloom and yet others are still naked, and everything is about to start again, start fresh, in a way you never see in a tropical or subtropical climate, because in a place like Taiwan and the rest of South East Asia, or in parts of Africa, or elsewhere around the equator, it never stops being green. There may be seasons but it only means it is less humid and maybe a bit chillier, but it never gets really cold, and while some trees do lose their leaves, it's never happening at the same time with the whole tree population; Taiwan is always green.

But this year I had a chance to experience spring, as I visited Sweden, and saw family. While my brother tried to convince me that the sun was warming my face I couldn't quite agree at first, but then we found a quiet corner, a corner untouched by wind, and I got it.

No matter where I am in the world I am far away from some and I am close to others, the beauty and the disadvantage with a big and beautiful network of friends and family, and we find ways to stay in touch, but the spring I cannot bring to Asia – and for that reason I am so happy I had the chance to visit, just when the time was right, just when the first crocuses started to put their colourful little heads above the ground.

And that is why it's so important to me to live a life that allows me to be flexible, to have the opportunity to keep on travelling, to be on the road.

Because there is so much beauty out in the world, so much to see and so much to explore and so much to feel.

And I plan on continuing on the road I am on.

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