May 25, 2014

Europe is Flooding - Last Year it was Prague

  There is a Lot of Water

A year ago I was in Prague, Czech Republic. It rained, rained, rained and rained. I was visiting with friends, among them Joy from My Traveling Joys (see link).

I believe the only time it didn't rain was when the others from our group were on a tour and I was seeing another friend who lives in the city, every other day it rained; We went for coffee - we were soaked. We went to the beer festival we were joining; We were soaked. I went running, I had water dripping from me when coming back for breakfast. 

My friends left and I stayed a bit longer and Prague was more or less submerged, metro stations (underground) were closed, restaurants filled with water and no food could be served. Going home by the night train was scary, we drove through a south Eastern Europe completely covered in water, along the railway the houses that I saw on the way down were not to be seen, or only the top floor or the roof was sticking up. 

And now it is happening again, again from terrible rains, from snow melting in the mountains, from sources not being able to swallow the amount of water; This time not so much in Czech Republic and southern Germany, but this time in the Balkans - the worst floodings in many many years, with so far over 35 people dying.

Balkan need our help. People are dying, and others have had to abandon their homes, many lost all they own or at least can't reach it. 

The Red Cross have launched campaigns to collect help and so have many others. Personally I prefer to devote my time and my efforts but that can't always be done, and then there are other ways to help, but it is my belief that we all need to do what we can to help each other in difficult times. 

To get to the Red Cross website, you can go via this link. Or go via Relief Web, see here.

And while we try and do what we can to help the people in the Balkans, we also need to think about what we can do to minimise the risk of these events happening again and again. Climate Change is happening and we share a responsibility to do what we can so solve it, we have to implement and integrate sustainable thinking in all we do - because if we don't chances are that this earth will not be here for us to enjoy much longer, and even less for our children and grand children...  

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More about the floodings in Europe 2014 (a few examples, almost every newspaper have written about the human disaster):
BBC: Balkan Floods Fears of new surge on Serbia's River Sava
Reuters: Balkans flooding threatens Serbia power plants, 37 dead
AlJazeera:  Fresh Balkan floods prompt more evacuations

About Climate Change

European Environment Agency:  Flood risk in Europe: the long-term outlook
NASA: Global Climate Change, Vital Signs of the Planet.
United Nations Environment Program

We can't afford to ignore the climate change - nor can we afford to not take this seriously.

Prague is relatively dry now, by the way, and definitely worth visiting. And when you do, notice how flat it is in the central old quarters, and imagine what it would look like under a lot of water...

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