May 27, 2014

Muzeum Gastronomia - Gastronomic Museum - HOW Could I Resist

When In Prague - Food Museum

I mentioned in a previous post about the flooding in Europe this year (link from Deutsche Welle)  that I was in Prague last summer, Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. 

In Prague it rained and rained and rained but I never the less had a chance to see and do a lot - not the least because of the friends who were there too and had organised several dinners and us going to a beer festival; It's great to have friends who like to travel. 

However as always when I travel, I take the opportunity to see some on my own; In this case also because I arrived before my friends and left later. 

A little place that I came across was the Muzeum Gastronomia, a gastronomic museum in central Prague; Totally unexpected, I stumbled across it when turning around a corner and trying to find protection from the rain. 

The pink little house hosts two floors of fascinating exhibitions, and was almost empty at the time I visited, so I had plenty of opportunities to walk around and take in everything, from the history of cutlery, to how people traditionally eat in different countries (Europeans with knife and fork, Americans more often with just the fork (cutting up all the food when you get the plate), in the Chinese culture as well as the Japanese and the Taiwanese with chopsticks, in Thailand and Malaysia often with spoon and fork, and so forth.

Very interesting was the exhibition about cooking, from the first fire to the super modern kitchen with touch screens and an intelligent fridge. 

For a foodie like me, this museum was a real gem! 

What helped as well was the really friendly staff who were interested, curious, knew their history well, and wanted to chat about their museum. This is a museum I would love to come back to; Not only did I learn about cooking in general, I also learnt about food and cookbooks during the cold war, when ingredients were harder to get your hands on, and when the people who lived in what we in the west called the Eastern Block could not travel freely but were limited to their region. It is easy to forget that there was a time when going to France to learn cooking from the French masters was not just about being able to afford it and having the connections to get in to the schools, at least not for the people in the East, but also very much about even being able to get a permission to leave the country...

How to get there

Take the metro or the tram to Namesti Republiky and walk from there. The address is Jakubska 12, centrally located in Prague (you can zoom out on the map below and you will see just how central). But watch out; It is easy to miss the sign by the door, and the museum is on a back street. 

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Muzeum Gastronomia website (also in English)
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