May 26, 2014

The Munich Food Markets - Once Again

Viktualienmarkt - A Favourite Spot

Last summer I visited Munich, or as it's called in German, München, the capital of Bavaria, the state in Southern Germany, the state known for Octoberfest, the beer festival that takes place in the end of September. In Munich I have several good friends that I was visiting - and when I visit friends I love to cook - it is one of the best treats about visiting friends, having access to a kitchen and someone who is interested in sampling food - and it is a great and fun challenge too, to cook in someones home. 

And to cook, I of course need to get ingredients, and ingredients I love to go to the market for. I don't like supermarkets, I use them now and then for toilet paper and kitchen rolls and detergents, as well as for flour and oats, mustard and light bulbs and a few other things.

But for food, fruits and vegetables and other stuff I prefer to go to the open markets, when there is one. 

And in Munich (München), I love to visit Viktualienmarkt, the old market from the 1820-ies - see the map below. The closest tram stop is called "Viktualienmarkt", in a very suitable way... Well worth visit last year - read more here - but when I did, I didn't have a map to add. Now I do. 

Viktualienmarkt is not to be missed! 

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