July 17, 2014

The Five Top Strange Things to Eat That I am Now Used To

Top Five Strange Things to Combine that I am Now Used To

or - It's funny how your taste changes

Market stand with lots and lots of hot chillies in different colours, the colour of fire.
In no specific order, here they are, the top five weird taste combinations, triggered by my last post (see link 
  • Mayonnaise with potato wedges/chips/fries 
  • Butter, or anything savoury on pancakes 
  • Sprinkles on bread 
  • Sweet popcorn
Why? Well, here are my reasons 

  • Mayonnaise with my chips, or, as they like to call them in US, french fries (aka pommes frites).
Weird combo for Swedes. We use ketchup! Or nothing. I was completely chocked, and quite repulsed by the question "Do you want mayonnaise with that" the first time I heard it. But since then I have tried and tried again, and you know what; I prefer it to ketchup. Not ON my food, but on the side, so I can dip the fries I want in the mayonnaise. Or maybe a little of both. But mayonnaise has really grown on me. 

  • Sprinkles on bread! Especially chocolate sprinklers.
Odd Dutch tradition that I finally got used to when a friend of mine had been visiting and had brought the sandwich sprinklers. I don't like to throw away food so of course I had to try them. Not bad, not bad at all! Not for every day maybe but still! 

  • Butter, or anything salty on pancakes.
Sweden is a land of pancakes, the thin ones, and we have them as dessert. And desserts are supposed to be sweet, right? Swedish pancakes can come with sugar, with different types of jam, with ice cream even, but never with something savoury.  We have a tradition to eat pancakes after the Thursday Pea soup made from yellow peas, not green, a tradition that is hundred of years old and has to do with the time the church was strong and we were fasting on Fridays. I have learnt to love the french savoury crepes, but the first time I had pancakes that weren't sweet it was just... Just really utterly awkward. 

And then there is one that I doubt I am am never ever going to get used to:
  • Popcorn with sugar. 
I am Swedish. Popcorn should be salted. If you want to be experimental, use some different type of salt, maybe, but popcorn should be salty. The first time I tasted them sugary I almost fell off my chair. It is simply not good (and this one I'll never get used to)


That's only four, not five?

Yes, because it seems I have blocked out, or forgotten what combinations I thought were strange once upon a time, my taste has developed and now I am just used to more variation. I still think it's odd when something typically Swedish has a flavour I don't at all associate it with - but if I can't follow classical recipes myself, why should others?

And one thing I can say: Although my previous post talked about powdered ginger, ginger is nowadays on my top list of spices and food flavourings that I use. I love ginger. I can have ginger in everything, from my breakfast oatmeal porridge to soups - love ginger and carrot soup for example - meat, fish, tea - anything you can think of. There were probably a few I thought were strange to start with, but not anymore... 

Be curious. Be adventurous. Life is much more fun that way! 


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