September 20, 2014

An Apple A Day

The Return to Münich, Germany 

And so I returned to Viktualienmarkt... 

In Munich (München), Germany for a wedding in August I never the less found the time to both meet up with other friends and return to Viktualienmarkt, the market I have written about before.

There are few things as nice as going to a good market for food shopping and  Europe is nice in the early autumn. The selection is incredible and you can enjoy it just for the aesthetic value, if you are one of the strange souls who don't like to cook or eat - the colours are amazing, bright orange pumpkins, carrots in every colour, from sunset-orange to blood-red, as well as white-yellow like vanilla creme.

Green in every tone you can imagine, brown, yellow, and purple like the aubergines/eggplants.

And then there are all the apples! 

September 03, 2014

Bring Your Kitchen

 How To Make Pizza Where the Customers Are

If you do go to Kenting, the southern tip of Taiwan, don't get your expectations up when it comes to Taiwanese food. There isn't much of it.

If in Kenting, chances are that you will be staying in Kenting Town. Kenting Town, a little village, is a tourist spot and as such full of food for the tourists. As many of the tourists are local tourists that eat Taiwanese every day, the majority of the restaurants down here feature what is considered exotic food; There are a number of Thai places (as in Thailand, not Taiwan), there are European/American style restaurants, not the least close to or in the big and very fancy hotel complexes around – the enormous places where you need a map to find the way to the breakfast room, no, breakfast hall, and where there are stairs and corridors and levers leading you through the labyrinths of pool area, entertainment, reading room, shops, laundry room, hotel restaurants and so forth – plenty of restaurants around there.

There are also various other types of restaurants, but not many Taiwanese; So don't come to Kenting and expect to eat Taiwanese, but be prepared for Italian, American, Thai and so forth. It's not bad - just don't expect the authentic Taiwanese food - Kenting takes pride in being international. 

September 02, 2014

Find your way to Kenting

How to get to Kenting

or A Post on Logistics

Travelling in Taiwan is relatively easy. If you stick to the west coast and if you go from city to city that is.

There are several coach services and buses, and the vehicles are all comfortable and air conditioned. It's also very inexpensive. Since the country is so small, you get very far very quickly, there is a good network of motorways.

There are also trains that takes you between the cities.

And most cities are connected by trains.

Most. Not Kenting.

Kenting, 墾丁, which I wrote about before, can therefore be a bit challenging to get to, but the most common way is to get to Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second largest city, and catch a local bus from there. If you are coming from the east coast however, there are some other alternatives – but they always includes a bus at the end, if you want to use public transportation. It TAKES quite a while, you don't go to Kenting over the day – and that's why it is also important to reserve somewhere to stay before getting there. Kenting in in the backyard of Taiwan but as many backyards, stunningly beautiful and well worth the hours you spend getting here.