September 20, 2014

An Apple A Day

The Return to Münich, Germany 

And so I returned to Viktualienmarkt... 

In Munich (München), Germany for a wedding in August I never the less found the time to both meet up with other friends and return to Viktualienmarkt, the market I have written about before.

There are few things as nice as going to a good market for food shopping and  Europe is nice in the early autumn. The selection is incredible and you can enjoy it just for the aesthetic value, if you are one of the strange souls who don't like to cook or eat - the colours are amazing, bright orange pumpkins, carrots in every colour, from sunset-orange to blood-red, as well as white-yellow like vanilla creme.

Green in every tone you can imagine, brown, yellow, and purple like the aubergines/eggplants.

And then there are all the apples! 
It amazes me how many different types of apples there are, I found an excellent apple stand with more sorts of apples than I have fingers on my hands. It's lovely. No, it is more than lovely, it is fantastic, it is amazing, it is the ultimate chance to feast. 

Apples are not just apples, they are different in structure, in flavour, in colour – use different apples for different things – depending if you want to bake, make jam, have them in the food – apple cubes are great in salads, for example. It is only your imagination that sets the limits. I eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan food myself, but if you are a meat eater, and don't mind pigs; Apples match pork very well. 

Now is the time to eat and enjoy the apples if you are in Europe; Forget the standard apples you buy in the supermarket, they have nothing on the ones that were grown locally, and allowed to ripen on the branches of the trees, the ones that doesn't have to be extra resistant to long transports, long distances and long-term storage. Don't misunderstand me, good apples can be stored for a long time, but there is still a big difference between the apples stored in the big warehouses for the supermarkets, and the apples stored in the dark cellars of the local growers.

Why not do what a good friend of mine does, buy different apples and try them, side by side, to learn and understand the differences – or at least to appreciate them and the differences.  It is a wonderful idea, there is only one problem with it all - once you have tried what Europe actually has to offer and forget the fruits and vegetables from the big chains, you will never want to go back. 

Now is by the way a good time to visit Munich - Octoberfest*, the big beer fest which is well known across the globe runs in September. 


Munich official website, with info about Viktualienmarkt in English and in German
Tripadvisor, about Viktualienmarkt

*"Octoberfest" - yes, it is confusing, it runs in September, not October, although it stretches into October as well. 
Also, Octoberfest is not a typical German thing. Octoberfest is a typical thing from Bavaria, the South of Germany. If you are going to Germany this is where you need to go - otherwise you can just as well do it in any country; It's not more authentic in Hamburg than it is in Gothenburg, Sweden, Philadelphia, USA or Taipei, Taiwan... 


Joy said...

Ohhh, I love this market! We bought a ton of pork goodies from here to smuggle back to Istanbul when we lived there! :-)

And you should see the variety of apples we have in Poland as well! Sooo many! And you know, an apple a day keeps Putin away.

TravellingAK said...

It is indeed a fantastic market - it may be touristy and overpriced, but the selection is fantastic and I love to come back here again and again. Last time I found a fantastic mustard with horse radish. Got to return to buy more... :-)