October 25, 2014

In a Corner of Frankfurt

Did I Mention I Love Food?

In a corner of Frankfurt I found my little heaven.
A fantastic food market with foods from all over the world.

A market hall with long history, it has been around for a long time - and it is still going strong. I walked in, with my friend, and I was almost overwhelmed. It's an amazing indoor market, with stands all over the ground floor, and up, on the first floor, a balcony that goes along the market hall, giving you the view over the stands and what's going on, and going on it is - at least on a Saturday, this is one of the most lively little places I have seen, full of smells and aromas, people chatting, sales people offering their product, letting your sample, giving you tips on what to cook and how.

A walk around the market is like travelling to Mexico, over to India, via China, and back to Europe and France, over to Italy and returning to Germany, before heading out to Spain, and then down to Mexico again - and you go around and around and around and meet new parts of the world with every step you take. 

I fell in love there, in Frankfurt, because that's what places that allows me to travel the world through a little walk does to me. 

And I came home with green mole from Mexico (check Food Network to learn more), with chilies, with fruits and vegetables, and with other spices. Had I had a bigger bag, I could have come home with more, much more. 

And I left Kleinmarkthalle full, do come here hungry and have lunch at one of the little stands in the market if you have time - it is worth it. I had great little samosas, myself, and left full and happy.  Because that's what good food does to me. 


Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt is found on Hasengasse 5, an address in central Frankfurt, not far from the Dom (Kaiserdom). The map below will help you find it. 

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