October 14, 2014

The Five Foods You Should Never Eat

Five Foods You Should Never Eat

From the food we are eating we are getting nutrition and energy, food is important for every living being. 

Without food we can survive longer than we can survive without water, but still not very long. 

Food contains not just the energy that we need to but should also all the vitamins, minerals, the antioxidants we need to live a good life, or any life. 

But to stay happy and healthy, there are some foods you should never eat.

So what you shouldn't eat

  • Boring food
  • Uninteresting food
  • Food that has gone bad.
  • Food that you have an allergy to.
  • Food that taste artificial, if artificial isn't your thing.
Artichoke with chilli and garlic

Yes, that's right. Not a single specification of food you shouldn't eat, because you know what?

I don't believe in bans. Not at all. 

Food is and should be something fun, and interesting. I don't believe in refusing yourself good food. I have never been on a diet in my life and I hope I never will be either - and I love good food.

I don't believe in banning anything, in refusing yourself anything, as that just makes you focus more on the one thing you are not "allowed" to eat. Just don't over eat.  

Everything that makes you feel good, regardless if it is your mood that feels good from it, or your body; Eat it. Just don't eat ridiculous amounts of it or all the time - don't ever let food become a boring habit, something you do "just because". 

Except if it is coffee, then. Coffee is a must, an addition to someone like me. 

Skip the boring food, the food that isn't interesting, the food you would eat just to "not feel hungry". Eating should be about flavours, it should be joyful - I understand that sometimes you can't but try your best. 

Ginger pears for dessert
I love to cook from scratch, I love wandering around in the markets, getting the ingredients, bringing them home and see what I can make out of them. I don't really eat processed food, nor do I eat precooked food, like TV dinners etc. But that's because I like cooking and cooking relaxes me, and, from years of practise I have a head full of ideas and can throw something together relatively easily.

Plus I always have a few home cooked emergency dishes in my freezer, not the least the portions of soup that I freeze in bowl-shaped portions. 

But that's me. And there are times when I also eat take-away or go out and eat. And there is nothing wrong with that. Guilt and food are two words that should never be put in the same sentence. 

There are definitely times when I eat a full bag of chewy sweets full of chemicals.

And I like it! 

The thing is, it is not something I do every day nor something I build up my life around, it is the occasional craving I get. Much more common is that I bake a simple cake or do something else decadent when I feel like it. 

I really believe we have to be a lot more forgiving and allow ourselves do indulge from time to time. Also, I find that if I eat well and eat whole foods as much as possible - and that is easy because that's what I like - I have less cravings and I don't require as much to feel fulfilled. And that, I believe, is the key to healthy eating; Eat much of what is good and tasty and that way you will eat less of what isn't quite as healthy.  Automatically. Because you will simply 

A: Not be very hungry
B: Have less cravings as the body already have what it needs

Clever, isn't it? 

But forget forbidding yourself pleasures. That never works. Not in the long run.

Now go and enjoy life. And food.

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