October 20, 2014

Through Europe with train

Travel Slowly 

Currently I am involved in a startup and studying at university. I have a degree from before but I'm in the process of changing. The beauty of that is I get to plan my own time.

It means I am not restricted to location, nor to a specific time. And I use my time wisely. I always travel with my books and most of the time with my computer - but I travel.

And as I am not limited by time, I can travel my favourite ways. I travel by train. And sometimes by bus/coach.

Recently I took the night train through Europe, through German down to Basel, and onwards through to Geneva.

It's a beautiful ride! The amazing landscape you are moving through, not the least in Switzerland, with the mountains and the big lakes, the rolling hills, the farms, the vineyards, the beautiful little villages (and a number of not so interesting concrete buildings), taking the train through Europe without any time pressure, I find it calming, relaxing, and very very fascinating, the contrasts are dramatic between the different parts of Europe, and the history is long and very visible, of kings and queens, emperors and powerful church movements - Calvinism in Geneva not the least - and empires. The Roman influences are still strong in many parts of Europe, not the least in the architecture.

This is one of the things I love about Europe, and one of the reasons I could never settle just in one part of the world, I need the movement, sitting still was never my greatest skill or what I wanted to do. When there is no movement and no challenges, my soul starts to die a little.

It is when I'm on the road I find my inspiration, this is where my passion lives.

If you never travelled through Europe on train, just do. Via Deutsche Bahn you can find good deals, but if you really have time, why not get an Interrail pass - they are available for different regions, for all ages and for different lengths of time - and just go?

I promise you, it will be a different experience. You don't need to backpack just because you take the train, but taking the train is special. 

And you can carry liquids and gels with you back home, should you want to...

I came home with olive oils and cheese, as well as with green mole - something you who know Mexican food may be familiar with -   from my last trips. And not only that, there were other foods, too. 


Joy said...

We're hoping to do a bit of train travel from Warsaw in November and December. We also hope to include the Dorf on one of those jaunts! :-)

TravellingAK said...

Ah, bring the picnic set and go - it is fantastic, especially if you stop by the markets before and bring a picnic for the train. Just remember earplugs if you are sensitive to sounds.
Hope to see you soon then!