October 04, 2014

When I first got to Düsseldorf... NRW Forum, and the expats

Back at NRW Forum

When I first moved to Düsseldorf, Germany I didn't really know many people. I came here for work, but work was in another city. However Düsseldorf was the natural choice, as it is a very international city, with the international airport, with good train connections to the rest of Germany as well as the rest of Europe, and with a lot of people from all over the world. I didn't know that then, but Düsseldorf was even more international than I had thought, and it was to become the place where I feel at home. 

City building and high rises. Bride, RiverTo get to know my new city I went to a lot of museums, and I came across NRW Forum for the first time, NRW Forum that at that time was showing an exhibition called "Radical Advertising" - I saw it several times, and I really enjoyed it. 

When I heard through the grapevine that there was an English "Stammtisch", a regular English meeting at the NRW Forum Friday evenings  I decided to go and check it out - and that's how I first learnt about the English tour that was also at that point taking place at the forum.
I joined not knowing what to expect and the tour was a fantastic experience. The exhibition that was on at the time was a fantastic exhibition featuring photographs by Albert Watson, a photographer who's photos I had seen but who's name I was not familiar with. 

It was a fantastic experience and after that I returned to the English "Stammtisch" and the bar at the Forum again and again and again, and that's how I first met many of the people whom I now call really good friends. People I can always lean on and trust. 

I am tremendously happy and excited both to see that RhineBuzz, after having been involved in many other projects the last few years and leaving the Forum are now returning to the roots and to NRW Forum, if only twice a month, this time to do the English tours of the current exhibition, an incredibly interesting and inspiring exhibition called "Joel Meyerowitz Retrospective", with photos from Meyerowitz long and fascinating career, but I am also very excited to tell you that I will myself be involved with Rhinebuzz and hosting tours.

The first tour I will be hosting will be on Friday, October 10 at 8 PM, 20:00. All you pay for is the entrance to the museum, and after the tour you will have time to have a drink in the bar at NRW Forum, or wander off to Düsseldorf Altstadt.

I hope to see you there - the people at the Forum are doing a fantastic job and I am happy to be able to give back to the organisation, NRW-Forum and the Düsseldorf I love. 

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