November 14, 2014

Learning from the Locals - Som Tum from a motorcycle kitchen

How To Prepare Green Papaya Salad

Via my Twitterfeed (Wander_World) I found an interesting little piece from Huffington Post on "7 Street-Food Eats Not to Miss on Your Next Visit to Bangkok". Thanks to Keith Jenkins for re-posting so I found it, and to Anna's Friends  for finding and posting - this post about Thailand made me look back and fondly remember some of the things I love about the country.  

Yes, Thailand, the country in South East Asia where Bangkok is the capital, I am not mixing up Taiwan and Thailand like people in general often do, the same way they mix up Sweden and Switzerland, I really mean Thailand. Just like Taiwan a food heaven, but another type of food heaven. 

It's all garlic
Seeing the post made me relive, in my memory, many of the wonderful things I have seen and experienced when I have been in the country; And with Som Tum, or Som Tam as it's also called, on the top list I can remember the flavours, sense the aroma of the fish sauce and the crushed garlic in the air, I can remember the wonderful feeling of sitting on the roadside, munching on a delicious and very spicy Green Papaya Salad, som tum salad. 

I ate green papaya salad many times, full of garlic and chilies, flavours that suits my palate very well - someone who has problem with garlic or spices will not want to be close to me, garlic is a staple in my house, not only because it is tasty, and, I believe, very healthy, but also because it helps against mosquitoes, or so I believe.