December 18, 2014

A little mustard heaven on Borough Market - London again

Spice it up with mustard

While in London, I didn't just visit Brixton Market (link to previous post), to get the local flavours and buy Caribbean and African spices,  I also was lucky enough to have time for some food related visits in central London. 

Yes, yes, I know what I often say, the best food in London you get slightly outside of the city, unless you go to the very fancy places,  but you actually don't need to venture that far out. Borough Market, an amazing farmers market with plenty of organic food is just around the corner from London Bridge Tube station.

I like this area in general, it is an area full of odd little places, and I like to come here or to Camden Lock Market (see link) when I am in town - always have, and I have spent a lot of time in London. If you have the slightest interest in food, not just for cooking, but for eating, this is a place that you need to visit. 

You have pretty much everything you can dream off in terms of food, and I got some excellent chilies and other spices, drank great coffee, sampled lots delicious food - not the least fantastic baklava someone was selling. 

But there is one thing that I need to come back for - next time I will travel with a checked bag, or take the train (I love travelling by train) so I am not limited on what I can carry: The mustard. OH, the mustard. 

I found a little mustard place right there, on the market, and I swear, I stood there and just stared. For a long time I just stared and didn't know where I would start; There was not one mustard, not two, not five that looked interesting, there was a long long row of mustard. AND you could sample them. 
  • Mustard with shallots
  • Mustard with honey - different mustard with different honey
  • Mustard with horse radish - always a favourite
  • Mustard with orange
  • Mustard with a touch of whisky
  • Mustard with port
and the list just went on. 

How is it even possible to produce such an amazing range or absolutely delicious mustard? 

If I could now only remember which of the stalls it actually was that sold the mustard, life would have been even easier - although I believe it may have been Fitz Fine Foods - I guess I simply have to go back and check...  

(By the way, if you do want to see more pictures from Borough Market, why not stop by Joy's blog, My Traveling Joys, she was there and wrote about it too.)

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