February 10, 2015

Sustainable eating and cooking

It's all about food!

Is it still tasty? Can it still be eaten?

Anyone who knows me well enough or even looked at this blog it should be obvious that I am very passionate about food. Not long ago there was an occasion where at some weak moment I found myself suggesting marrying a cheese...  

Closeup of peppers, in red, orange, yellow, the colour of fire
Those who know me well know that sustainability is extremely important to me. Yes, I do fly, long distances are difficult to reach without flying, and I know that is bad for the environment, but I try and only do it when necessary, I take the train as often as I can, something I posted about here before.

Bit by bit I try and decrease my environmental footprint and live more and more sustainable. I don't shop for things I don't need, I try and eat well, run the dishwasher and washing machine full, and so on. I also avoid bottled water as much as possible - someone said recently that "everybody knows your view on bottled water" - and that's very true, where tap water is good I will stick to tap water, and I do tend to tell people why. And I try and decrease the waste I create.

February 04, 2015

Yet Again Tragedy Strikes my Beloved Taiwan

Yet Again Disaster... But why is it not known?

Today, February 4 2015, disaster again struck Taiwan.

This time a small aircraft with, media tells us, 58 people crashed in Taipei, the capital.

Luck, or a skilled pilot, had it that the plane didn't hit a building but went down in a river, Keelung river, preventing an even worse tragedy. BBC has some of the facts, and some horrific pictures of the crash itself:

New Year -It's a Different One

The Year of The Goat. Or The Sheep

Taiwanese market stand, full of jars with colourful food and signs in chineseThe New Year is coming up - although not quite yet, it is still a bit too early. New Year, it's already passed, you say? 

Not this New Year.

To the Taiwanese, the New Year as we know it matters, at Taipei 101, the building that once was the highest in the world, fantastic fireworks are organised, and thousands and thousands of people gather to see them - you have to plan your travel well to make sure you get a spot if you want to be close, and start early.