February 10, 2015

Sustainable eating and cooking

It's all about food!

Is it still tasty? Can it still be eaten?

Anyone who knows me well enough or even looked at this blog it should be obvious that I am very passionate about food. Not long ago there was an occasion where at some weak moment I found myself suggesting marrying a cheese...  

Closeup of peppers, in red, orange, yellow, the colour of fire
Those who know me well know that sustainability is extremely important to me. Yes, I do fly, long distances are difficult to reach without flying, and I know that is bad for the environment, but I try and only do it when necessary, I take the train as often as I can, something I posted about here before.

Bit by bit I try and decrease my environmental footprint and live more and more sustainable. I don't shop for things I don't need, I try and eat well, run the dishwasher and washing machine full, and so on. I also avoid bottled water as much as possible - someone said recently that "everybody knows your view on bottled water" - and that's very true, where tap water is good I will stick to tap water, and I do tend to tell people why. And I try and decrease the waste I create.
One of the things I really dislike is wasting food. Some claim we won't have enough food to feed a growing population, but at the same time other numbers suggest that we in the rich (mainly Western) part of the world throw away almost as much food than the whole Sub-Saharan region produces every year, and over 30% of the food in America is wasted, thrown away - see UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme for more numbers from 2013. 

To me, it is extremely important that we stop wasting the way we do. We only have one planet to hand over to our children and I for one want the children of tomorrow to be able to run around barefoot, climb trees and eat the berries that grow wild, I don't want a word that is falling apart and where nature is non-existing because we messed it up.

And one of the great websites to actually help with food waste in this environment where we have become so disconnected to the world of food that we stare at the dates rather than what's actually good or not:

Still Tasty, http://www.stilltasty.com, is an excellent website that I really do recommend everybody to bookmark. I always believed in looking, smelling and tasting to see if the food was good or not, not stare at the dates. Sure, when it comes to buying food I do look at the date, it is bad business habit to sell food that has a short date without telling your customers - but once I have the food at home? I will always use my different senses - and sometimes get some hints from Still Tasty. 

Because it can also happen the other way around, food that was supposed to be OK, according to the label, goes bad because somewhere along the line the process was broken and the food got warmer than expected, or something else went wrong. 

Most of the time though we throw away food that is good quality because we don't trust ourselves anymore. It's time we change that. 

Are you in?

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