February 04, 2015

Yet Again Tragedy Strikes my Beloved Taiwan

Yet Again Disaster... But why is it not known?

Today, February 4 2015, disaster again struck Taiwan.

This time a small aircraft with, media tells us, 58 people crashed in Taipei, the capital.

Luck, or a skilled pilot, had it that the plane didn't hit a building but went down in a river, Keelung river, preventing an even worse tragedy. BBC has some of the facts, and some horrific pictures of the crash itself:

This is the same airline that flew in July, when another tragic plane crash occurred, again with a domestic flight: BBC: Taiwan Plane Crash.

In August another tragedy hit Taiwan, when a gas pipeline exploded, tearing through Kaohsiung (I wrote about it here).

My thoughts go out to the Taiwanese people.

But while these tragedies are horrible events, it also pinpoints another issue for me, and that is the news reporting in Taiwan; This is supposed to be a democracy, and yet, I can't shake off the feeling that media is either quite controlled or just not with it.

While BBC reports on it, the news are all over CNN, it makes the news in Germany, it is on the front pages of the Swedish news papers (see an example here), it takes hours and hours before it finally makes Taipei Times website, Taipei Times that after all is one of the main news channel in English for Taiwan. 

For hours and hours there was nothing on Taipei Times. Nothing. And still, while the rescue work continues into the dark evening, there is nothing. Not a word. 

Focus Taiwan have however caught up so it is possible to get some news about the crash. Thank you Focus Taiwan for that

If news media fail to report on these kind of major events, I can't help but wonder what else they are skipping, and why... 

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