March 29, 2015

Yet another chapter

Another ride

As many of you have noticed, I haven’t really written anything in this blog the last few months.

Well, there are good reasons for that. I have been on the road a lot less than usual, for one. I have had my hands full.

Once upon a time - it sounds like it was a million years ago and the beginning of a fairy tale and there are days when it feels like it was both - I started working in IT. I had always had an interest in computers and in tech in general so it came natural.

When I first started I was working for what can only be described as a startup - an established corporation but I came in very early on when we were setting up a new site, and we were working very much independent - in many ways - from the mother company. It was interesting and fun but at the same time pretty tough - strange hours, a lot of pressure, and on call more or less 24&7. And I loved it, although admittedly, you can't do it for too many years, it wears you out after a while.

And then I moved on to new and interesting challenges, worked a lot with people, but always in IT, often being the link between IT and the business. The business focus has been strong all along.

After years with the same corporation and after years with a similar type of business, and away from the startup spirit, I however felt it was time to move on; A long story short, I resigned and moved to Taiwan to start learning Chinese. It was time for something new, and I loved that too.
However: Just another language is not enough for the career change I wanted - and I wanted a change, not just a break. If I had left, learnt Chinese, and then just gotten back, chances are I would have been going back to what I did before I left - and that was not what I was after.

So I started to study again, aiming at that career change. First with open eyes not 100% sure which direction I'd eventually want to go, just knowing I wanted to learn more about marketing and entrepreneurship. I first even thought I wanted to stay away from IT - but it didn't take very long until I realised that whatever I tried to tell myself, it is in the tech field I have my heart. 

And now I am back in Europe. This year I am getting a new degree, and my focus will now be more on the usability side, and on pure IT projects. In a way I am going back to my roots - only with updated skills. I just started an AGILE course, I have been studying LEAN (no, those of you in Automotive, not just LEAN production, the Toyota Way (although I did that too). LEAN software development.). I have been reading up on new technology, been studying human computer interaction - something I did before but now on another level. 

I have been attending startup seminars, gone to tech talks. 

I have been learning a LOT about sustainability.

I have basically reinvented myself. I am engaged, I am inspired.

And I can't wait to get back "for real". Back into IT, back into technology full time. I love the tech field, and want to be in IT.

I am involved in GDG Düsseldorf.

We just started Women Techmakers Düsseldorf Chapter (Join us on Google+)

But don't worry

I parked the bag for a while
I am not going to stop travelling, travelling is and have always been a part of my life, and I hope I will get the opportunity to travel for work and do project in many locations, and work together with the people - that’s where I am at my best, when I get to be both involved in the technical bits and actually see the business processes, work together with the people, understand what they want and need, work together as a team. I get energy from other people.

You WILL continue to hear from me, but maybe in a slightly different format.

The blog WILL live on, but with other updates mixed in to the travel updates.

And trust me on this: Sustainability is and will always be something I care deeply about, and something that I hope to always integrate in what I do - and I do feel IT can be a fantastic enabler, and this is what I want to focus on.

I hope you want to stay with me, or join me, while I turn yet another page in this interesting book.

It is time for yet another chapter.

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