April 10, 2015

Last Chance To See - English tour of NeoRealismo and Human Nature

NeoRealismo and Human Nature at NRW Forum 

Are you in Düsseldorf, Germany?
River, sandbank and a bridge in the background, Düsseldorf TV-tower to the right
Are you there today, April 10 2015? The Friday? At 8 pm?

I know, I know. The weather is gorgeous today, it actually feels like there might be some summer around the corner (don't tell me "it won't last", I know it is April and weather come and go, I care about today, not tomorrow, not next month - I am happy about the "summer-around-the-corner"-feeling we have right NOW, today).

But weather or not - if you have the chance you really should consider coming to NRW Forum today at 8 pm. Through RhineBuzz NRW Forum, one of the most interesting museums in Düsseldorf, if you ask me, offers tours in English every 2:nd and 4:th Friday evening of the month - when there is an exhibition on.  German tours are offered as well, but of course, for tourists or those of us who aren't native speakers, the English ones are very attractive - I'll be there.

This is the LAST chance to see the regular tours of NeoRealismo and Human Nature, two fantastic exhibitions running in parallel at NRW Forum, right in the city centre, by the river, on Ehrenhof 2.

NeoRealismo and Human Nature has been on since January, when Düsseldorf Photoweekend 2015 was held, a fascinating weekend full of photo related events. These two exhibitions opened for the Photoweekend and have been on since, but now it's almost at the end, the exhibition closes after next weekend, and this is the last chance for the English regular tours.