May 20, 2015

GDG Düsseldorf - The Summer Challenge

The Summer Challenge

GDG Düsseldorf Summer Fun Challenge

I am a and happy member of GDG Düsseldorf (the link will take you to our website), and we also run Women Techmakers Düsseldorf Chapter - I mentioned it earlier in a post where I talked about how I am starting yet another chapter

We are active on Google Plus - you can find us here, and also post/start discussions etc:

Those of you who are techies/geeks like me (although I try my best to pretend I am perfectly normal), may know that Google have a Tech conference every year, Google I/O. Across the globe Google I/O Extended events are organised, where people gather and listen to the keynotes, talk about geeky stuff (because, yes, it DOES get pretty geeky, one of the reasons I really like it), and socialise.

We do the same here in Düsseldorf, with GDG Düsseldorf.

And, to make it extra fun and attract more people, we are arranging a little competition, a coding/design competition, where our members/attendees get the opportunity to win pretty interesting prizes, prizes we got through our sponsors.

Now we are of course trying to make sure we spread the word, both about the Google I/O Extended event and the SummerFunChallenge

May 18, 2015

Dreaming about Food Markets

Food Markets - a reason as good as any to travel

or In Munich they understand the Swedish need for mustard

Market stand with carrots, cabbage and other vegetables
As some of you may have gathered, food is one of my big passions. Weird, some may say, considering my professional background is in IT. People in IT can't be passionate about anything but food, right?

Not weird at all, I say. Fact is, I am lucky enough to have someone around me who is as much in to good food as I am, only in a different way (he doesn't cook, at all, he just likes to eat really well).

Much of my travel is in one way or the other connected to food. 

The last few months have been quite hectic though, and due to that I haven't had much chance to travel - it's not the least my studies taking time - I very much enjoy it, it is very interesting, and I love being on the way back to the tech field - taking a break, upgrading my skillset, getting away from the corporate world for a bit, it has all been great and has helped me to grow as a person, but it is hard when I have to make a choice between things I love to do - and travel is and will always be very important to me. Travel.

And good food.

May 13, 2015

There Are Days - a trip to the sea

There are days…

Some days are days when Germany feels … Feels a bit too familiar. Düsseldorf becomes a bit too comfortable. Days I feel I know this city too well, I know what to expect around every corner, even when that's not true.

Other days I just need a break, a break from myself, maybe, a break from the routine - especially when things are really busy, something I am sure everyone has felt.

And yet other days I just need to feel the smell of the salty water and the wind in my hair, because whatever you feel about Düsseldorf and about Germany, there are very few places where you can smell the sea.

I often do miss the salt, the smell of the ocean, and the freshness that it brings. I don’t miss my hair going all weird and out of control and how the humidity turns me into a troll, when my otherwise relatively straight hair starts to do itself up with funny little curls in the next and around the face- but troll or not, there is something about being close to the coast, no matter how sticky it can get in the summer and how much chillier it makes the winters, even when the temperatures aren't very low - believe me, winter in Taiwan, on an island in the middle of the sea is the evidence of that - in Taiwan I had to visit the hotsprings to warm up - you can read about that here.