May 18, 2015

Dreaming about Food Markets

Food Markets - a reason as good as any to travel

or In Munich they understand the Swedish need for mustard

Market stand with carrots, cabbage and other vegetables
As some of you may have gathered, food is one of my big passions. Weird, some may say, considering my professional background is in IT. People in IT can't be passionate about anything but food, right?

Not weird at all, I say. Fact is, I am lucky enough to have someone around me who is as much in to good food as I am, only in a different way (he doesn't cook, at all, he just likes to eat really well).

Much of my travel is in one way or the other connected to food. 

The last few months have been quite hectic though, and due to that I haven't had much chance to travel - it's not the least my studies taking time - I very much enjoy it, it is very interesting, and I love being on the way back to the tech field - taking a break, upgrading my skillset, getting away from the corporate world for a bit, it has all been great and has helped me to grow as a person, but it is hard when I have to make a choice between things I love to do - and travel is and will always be very important to me. Travel.

And good food.

Market stand with mustard and other condiments
And maybe that is why I find myself dreaming about travelling, and about visiting food markets in new areas again. 

Normal shopping is not for me, not the least because it's a waste of time and not very sustainable to just buy and buy and buy, but I can wander around food markets, sampling the food, see what's in season, chat with the sales people and discovering new and exciting flavours. 

Last year I was in München a couple of times, and every time I ended up on Viktualienmarkt - you can read about it here and here (where I used the photo above the first time).

I will soon need to go back to München, partly because I want to go and visit good friends, who are down there, but also - and I admit that - because I am running out of one of my favourite mustards.

There is a little corner of Viktualienmarkt where there is a little mustard shop - Münchner Senfladen. I have always really liked mustard, and love to try mustard when I am out travelling - something I did also at Borough Market in London, one of my old time favourites.   

When I got to the mustard shop in Munich (München), I sampled several different types, and they were all tasty, but they were however a little bit too mild for me - I like mustard with a sting. When the lady behind the counter asked what I thought I told her exactly that; They were all very tasty but quite mild, and, I added, "I grew up in Sweden so I am used to a bit more sting in my mustard". She took one look at me, said "From Sweden? Then you should try this", and she handed me a small spoon with a mustard I hadn't tried before - an absolutely gorgeous mustard with horse radish - "Meerrettich". I fell in love, and had to buy a couple of jars, jars that are now almost almost finished.

The lady laughed at my reaction and  told me that she had a couple of Swedish friends, in Munich, and they had apparently said exactly the same thing as I had. I guess I might just be a typical Swede, after all. At least when it comes to my taste in mustard... 

I guess I just have to go to Munich again, soon. And yes, I know that the mustard can be bought elsewhere as well, or online. But going to the market is half the fun! 

A-K in front of a food stand selling chillies and olives. Chillies hanging from the ceiling
Shopping for chillies

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