May 20, 2015

GDG Düsseldorf - The Summer Challenge

The Summer Challenge

GDG Düsseldorf Summer Fun Challenge

I am a and happy member of GDG Düsseldorf (the link will take you to our website), and we also run Women Techmakers Düsseldorf Chapter - I mentioned it earlier in a post where I talked about how I am starting yet another chapter

We are active on Google Plus - you can find us here, and also post/start discussions etc:

Those of you who are techies/geeks like me (although I try my best to pretend I am perfectly normal), may know that Google have a Tech conference every year, Google I/O. Across the globe Google I/O Extended events are organised, where people gather and listen to the keynotes, talk about geeky stuff (because, yes, it DOES get pretty geeky, one of the reasons I really like it), and socialise.

We do the same here in Düsseldorf, with GDG Düsseldorf.

And, to make it extra fun and attract more people, we are arranging a little competition, a coding/design competition, where our members/attendees get the opportunity to win pretty interesting prizes, prizes we got through our sponsors.

Now we are of course trying to make sure we spread the word, both about the Google I/O Extended event and the SummerFunChallenge

Badge from GDG Düsseldorf event

The Summer Fun Challenge itself

And - here is the really exciting bit - we have arranged a competition that leads up to the Google I/O Extended event.

The theme is Summer Fun Challenge and the challenge is for either developers/coders or designers. Of course you can also compete in a team.

We basically want people to design and/or develop a fun solution that, for them, is connected to "Summer" - whatever summer means to them. I know what it means for me - travel, BBQ, long bike rides, curly hair - yes, the humidity - LOTS of sunscreen, and crazy mosquito bites.
And more food. 

But what does Summer mean to everyone else? Well, hopefully some of it will be revealed at the Google I/O Extended here in Düsseldorf May 28.

To find out more about the challenge, please check out this link!

And to sign up to participate, use this form which also contains the rules etc - if you attended the Kickoff on the 17:th, this is really all you need! 

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