June 26, 2015

Designing for everyone

Let's include, not exclude

When I say it's great to go back to the roots I don't mean web development, which is where I once upon a time started (before I got pulled in too deep in the corporate world), I mean that it's great to be back and really be involved in the tech, the details, and actually DO rather than just tell others what to do. Less politics, more tech - thanks. Yes, I am also a project leader, and yes, I like to lead project, even though I nowadays prefer smaller projects and software/tech projects rather than the huge business project I have been involved in before - but usability will always be one of the fields I care a lot about, and I would love to work a lot more actively with usability. Not just design, usability, the whole experience.  

And when it comes to usability and accessibility I am a great fan of being involved in the creation of apps, sites and software in general that are accessible to as many as possible can use them. 

I really enjoyed this article on designing for colour blindness, "Designing for (and with) colour blindness" by Aaron Tenbuuren, whom I don't know but apparently is a colour blind American designer. It gives you some great clues into how colour blindness CAN work - and tips on how to address the issues.

"when designing apps, we should not look at individual colors and ask if they are ‘visible’, but rather look at groupings of colors, and see if they are distinguishable"

And while I say "it's great to actually do" when it comes to especially accessibility I will continue to tell others what I think they should do - and that is help creating a world where we include rather than exclude people. Enable rather than disable (plus it's good business practise...)

Any thoughts?

You may also be interested in listening to Kerry Shuster's talk from DroidCon in Berlin where she talks about accessibility and Talk Back on Android - I wrote about it before, but in a different context, here

And yes, I know, I don't lead by example, not all the time, but still. I am trying to get better and better, and I am trying to become more aware. It's a challenge. But I like giving myself challenges.

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