June 22, 2015

Don't Drink and forget to think

Don't Drink and Dive

This is powerful - and very scary. 

Yes, it's sponsored by an insurance company and normally I don't post sponsored YouTube videos etc, I am not here to sponsor other companies. But this one is an important and very powerful one - Don't Drink and Dive - with several sponsors. It is part of a bigger campaign to reduce the number of drowning incidents in Sweden. A large amount of the people drowning in countries like Sweden, where learning to swim is part of the education - it is mandatory to learn to swim - is people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Swedish World Champions of Synchronised Swimming trying to perform their winning act under the influence of alcohol - with, thankfully, a rescue team standing by. I knew it would be bad. That it would be this bad? No.

Remember, these are people who swim professionally. You and I? Few of us are professionals. If the professionals are suffering like this, what do you think would happen to you and me? Just don't get into the water. Think. 

Don't drink and dive. Nor drink and drive. 

When you drink and dive you "only" risk your own life and the lives of those who try and rescue you, when you drink and drive you are risking the lives of many others - that car/motorcycle is one heavy piece of equipment if something was to happen. 

From the campaign itself - this is what they say, in English, on the site:  

In 2014 more people drowned in Sweden than in any other year in the last decade. In fact, in the month of July, Swedish water-related accidents cost more lives than road traffic accidents. Most of the drowning victims were men and the majority had consumed alcohol. 
Many authorities are working hard to reverse this trend. But we also need your help to spread the message and ensure we change our behaviour when drinking around water environments.
To show how alcohol affects our judgement and capabilities, we asked some of the world’s most sought after Synchronised Swimming Team, to perform their routine for us. Drunk. They were filmed for the short documentary Don’t Drink and Dive. Members of the three-time world champion Stockholm Men’s Synchronised Swimming Team are also representative of those most likely to drink and dive in Sweden – middle aged men. 
The film was recorded from 19.03 on the night of March 28th – 29th, 2015 at a swimming pool in Uppsala, Sweden. In addition to the synchronised swimmers from Stockholm, the Swedish national swimming team doctor, RenĂ© Tour, two lifeguards from the Swedish Life Saving Society and Certified rescue diver Linnea Persson also took part. No-one was injured during the filming.
I know this has little to do with what I normally blog about but a lot of us do things differently when we are travelling, or when we are in a new environment. Don't switch of your brain just because you switch off from work.

Stay safe.

And make sure others do too.

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