July 21, 2015

China 8 at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

China 8

The biggest Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ever put together so far.
China in white text, on red background, with a black eight in the background.
China 8, Logo, Web

8 Cities

9 museums

One airport

Over 120 different artists 

And every last Friday of the month the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf offers English tours at the here in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This is a unique exhibition with many different types of Chinese contemporary art, and at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf we have a summary of the whole exhibition. There are so many fantastic and fascinating artists on display here, Lam Tungpang (林東鵬‭ in mandarin), Hu Jienming (胡介鸣), Huang Min (黃敏)  and many many more. 

Yes, you should definitely make your way to the other locations too, Museum Folkwang in Essen being one of them, with an interesting collection of contemporary art photography - Du Yanfang ( 杜艳芳) being one of my favourites in that exhibition, with her photos from daily life in China, with elements drawn into the photos, using traditional ink - much of the Chinese contemporary art picks up elements from traditional Chinese art, and that, to me, makes it even more interesting and inspiring. 

Go to every one of the 9 museums participating in this exhibition if you can.

However, if you can go to only one museum, why not chose the one museum that has a little bit of everything, the one museum where you can get a mesmerising summary of China 8. Come and join us at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. You really don't want to miss this. 

(And should the last day of the month not suit you, there is a possibility for your organisation or your group to book a private tour, at a time that suits you better, but for that you need to contact the museum directly, here (link in German, to the page for tour reservations).  

More about the whole exhibition and all the 9 museums, as well as the ticket which allows you to travel to and go to each and every one of them? Follow this link: China 8

Most of all I of course want you to come and join the tour, either one of the public ones - the last Friday of the month, at 8pm (20:00), until the exhibition closes in September- or book a private one for your group, here.  If you come to the museum for one of the public tours, the tour is included in the entrance to the museum - and in connection with the tour, RhineBuzz organises an English speaking get-together at the bar, open to everyone, also those who already saw the tour or want to save it for later. It's a brilliant opportunity to hear more about what's going on in the city - not the least for the new-comers.

So see you at Ehrenhof 2 in Düsseldorf, close to Tonhalle U-bahn stop on the 31 of July or August 28? The tour starts at 20. Very much looking forward to meeting you!

Huang Min View, review, 2010 (Detail) Oil on canvas 218 x 1600 cm © Huang Min
All photos in this post are part of the press materials from NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf (see link)

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