August 02, 2015

Ugly carrots

On the topic of Food Waste

On the topic of food waste which I wrote about recently, when posting a link to John Oliver's Tonight Show about Food Waste:

The super market chain Intermarch√©, in France, ran a campaign 2014, a campaign trying to get the consumers to buy the fruits and vegetables that aren't picture-perfect, but are just as healthy and as tasty as those who are. 
The campaign is called "Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables"

And it is an absolutely brilliant campaign, if you ask me - because why on EARTH do we insist on throwing away huge amounts of perfectly good and healthy food just because it doesn't follow some beauty norm we have set up?

We definitely are strange, we humans. 

But when the supermarket lowered the prices of the not-so-pretty fruits and veggies with 30% and ran the videos about the "Introvert Clementine" and her friends (link to advert) the food waste was lowered tremendously - and on top of it, the supermarket got mentioned over 300% more often on social media and the store traffic increased with 24% - all according to their own numbers

Talk about a Win Win! 

Both the shop and the consumers won, and so did Mother Nature. 

I'd love to see more campaigns and drives like this! 

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