November 09, 2015

And her name is Deep Blue

The biggest Great White ever filmed

And she is beautiful! She may seem a bit chubby around the waste but that's because, they say, she might be pregnant.

She is really a massive this shark, apparently a female Great White, according to an article I read on  Live Science, Great Whites continue to grow also after they reach sexual maturity, unlike us humans, who more or less stop growing a few years after reaching puberty.

Those of you who have met me might know that I am kind of obsessed with sharks, and have been ever since I was little - many kids are but with me it just didn't stop. I love learning about sharks - often I read but from time to time I can't help but watch some videos. Magnificent animals - and there are supposed to be over 400 different types in our oceans - Sharks World tells us there are over 440 different types! And of those +400 only about a handful could be a threat to humans - and the majority are small ones, sharks we would hardly realise were sharks if we saw them - but yes, there are some big ones and some of the big ones are best avoided... 

The Great White is one of them - not the least due to the size of the animal. If we are silly enough to swim where the sharks normally feed it's no wonder that accidents happens - have you never put something that had gone bad into your mouth, or some garnish you weren't supposed to eat? Well, even if we spit it out the garnish may be ruined, and that bread that was mouldy - maybe you didn't taste it at the first bite and didn't realise you should spit it out, or you swallowed just to get rid of it? Well, even if the shark quickly realises you aren't very tasty, it's best to avoid that tasting session...

However it is far more dangerous to be a shark than a human, we keep killing sharks at a high rate, and the majority of the killed sharks are not even used for something, but wasted - or we cruel human beings cut off a piece of it and throw the rest away - I dislike ANY kind of waste and this is wasteful in more ways than one - and we need our sharks, we desperately need to make sure we keep the animals we have - they are a part of the balance.  

I hope I one day get to see one of the bigger sharks in it's real environment (although I want to be on a boat myself, not in the water, like this diver), but considering how rare the big sharks are, it's very unlikely to happen.

In the meantime I keep following Ocearch, a research organisation and use their shark tracker, and learn more and more about these fantastic animals, see how they "wander" around the world and how they return to familiar spots. And I keep watching videos like the one I link to. I love watching Deep Blue, the biggest Great White caught on film - she seems to just checking out what's going on, there is plenty of fish around her and the only real threat is that she'll hurt herself on the cage - she doesn't seem to take any interest in the divers.  

I still wouldn't want to be on top of the cage though. I think I'd forget to breathe.

I'd also like to point out: IF I'd see a big shark, I really want it to be in the right element, where they naturally like to be. I really don't like the shark watching "safari" you can go on, where the humans do all they can to bring the sharks out: Pour blood into the water, throw in fish. First of all I don't think it's very clever to make sharks associate blood and gore and food with humans, and second - if I was a shark I would be terribly disappointed when there wasn't a real prey around but mainly blood to trick me. It seems mean or even cruel. I don't like mean.

References - Do Great White Sharks grow forever?

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